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Emergency Physician- France

Emergency France A

Emergency France B

Emergency France C

Photos are courtesy of Maher Arafa,MD

A photo is worth a thousand words!

A case of excision of a birth mole.
Mole Excision A

After excision and surgical wound repaired with WoundZipper.
Mole Excision B

In a week follow up and after removal of WoundZipper.
Mole Excision C

Imad E. Shehadi, MD
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon at the Plastic Surgery Institute
Beirut - Lebanon

On the Get Invention Show with Brian Fried

Innovative Wound Closure Product Invented, WoundZipper with Moustafa Moustafa on Got Invention Show

Gain without pain!

With the new WZ dressing patient satisfaction is guaranteed.

Dr. Maher Arafa submitted another short case presentation with some fantastic patient satisfaction results while using the Wound Zipper in his ER. Dr. Maher Arafa wrote:

"I am reporting the case of a nurse from my own hospital who fell and came to our emergency department with a head trauma resulting in a deep supraorbital wound to her right forehead with significant bleeding to her face. (Picture A) The patient was fearful of both painful stitches as well as an ugly scar with potential disfigurement that might remain from her laceration. I remembered the favorable results I previously experienced with several similar patients after using the Wound Zipper. I explained to the patient the Wound Zipper is a painless, fast and stitches free dressing. I applied the Wound Zipper and the patient left the hospital smiling after the quick application procedure. (Picture B). The patient returned to see me five days later to remove the Wound Zipper dressing. (Picture C) The patient was extremely satisfied with the results and the minimal scaring. The Wound Zipper took me less than a minute to apply and the patient was out of the ER in less than 5 minutes."

Forehead A
Forehead B
Forehead C

This case is reported by Dr. Maher Arafa of Tunisia Emergency Medicine.
Special thanks to Dr. Sally Norgate for participating in the editorial

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One of Those Nights in the ER

I received this interesting testimonial which I wanted to to share with you regarding a common laceration my colleague, Dr. Maher Arafa, treated in his Emergency Room (ER) with the Wound Zipper (www.woundzipper.com). The Wound Zipper is a painless dressing that does not need to be changed every other day and it provides perfect healing in just 5 days without the need for stitches or anesthetic products! This is not science fiction….Please keep reading to find out why I am so excited to talk about this product.

Dr. Maher Arafa's testimonial:

"During a regular busy work-shift I was called by the nurse who informed me four patients with laceration wounds located at different body sites required stitches. I responded and asked the nurse to prepare the usual technical platform consisting of several instruments, stitching materials and anesthetic products. One of the patients pictured below was a 45 year old male who fell in the shower and sustained a 3 cm laceration to the back of his scalp. (Picture A). He was a very anxious patient because he was afraid stitches would cause additional hurt and pain. I knew time was of the essence because I had 3 more patients waiting with laceration wounds and I remembered I had samples of WoundZipper. I was told it was a product that had two sticky strips with a magnet and promised to repair lacerations in seconds without pain. I decided to give it a try on all four patients, first irrigating the wound and then applying the WoundZipper. (Picture B). I was able to treat all four patients in a matter of 10 minutes and they all left the ER very happy because they did not need painful stitches or the burning anesthetic. They all returned 5 days later and I easily removed the WoundZipper. (Picture C). The patients were all thrilled with the results."

Shower Case A
Shower Case B1Shower Case B2
Shower Case C

The story and photos are courtesy of Dr. Maher Arafa- Tunisia
Special thanks for Dr. Sally Norgate for helping in the editorial
For product information visit WoundZipper.com

Offer to license a truly advantageous wound-closure product. - April 14, 2020

WoundZipper is a revolutionary new product that closes wounds painlessly, in a fraction of the time required for stapling, suturing, gluing, or taping. Its main advantage is in the emergency room, where it frees up time for physicians to devote time to high priority patients.

And WoundZipper has advantages other than speed. For example, it facilitates follow-up inspection of the wound at any time during the healing process. This is especially helpful in cases where particulate matter has been embedded due to an accident or fall, and there remains the possibility of infection.

It also virtually eliminates patient trauma, especially in youngsters. No doctor can do his or her best work on a child who is screaming and fidgeting due to the sight of a needle, or the pain from suturing or stapling.

And scarring is significantly reduced due to the equilateral matching and compression of each edge of the wound.

Satisfy your curiosity by viewing this one-minute video that demonstrate the ease of using WoundZipper: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ttyFIp6wbg. You will also find more information at: www.woundzipper.com.

Now, please give me a call, or send me an e-mail so that we may discuss the possibility of going further together with WoundZippertm, patent numbers 9,486,217 and 9,693,776.

Thank you.

M. H. Moustafa, M.D.
Phone: 424- 279 8688

Patented WoundZipper Magnetic Non-Suture Wound Closure Device

Debuts at ACEP’s 2017 Conference October 29-31, Washington D.C.

Beverly Hills, Calif., October 18, 2017 — WoundZipper® is an innovative wound closure device, which incorporates magnets to effectively close wounds. Intended primarily for emergency department use, the device is designed by a board-certified emergency department physician, Dr. Moustafa H. Moustafa.

WoundZipper® employs powerful, flexible magnets encased in a proprietary medical-grade coating, designed to adhere to each side of the wound using a hypoallergenic adhesive. The WoundZipper® can be employed to close wounds in a fraction of the time required using conventional methods. Unlike sutures, staples, and steri strips, WoundZipper® achieves uniform closure along the entire wound to speed healing and reduce scarring. It takes less than a minute to apply, does not require local anesthetic, and is painless.

wound zipper box

As a new wound closure solution, WoundZipper® will be on display IncubatED program at the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) conference, Oct. 29-Nov. 1 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington D.C. (Table #2807-i-8 in the IncubatED section). The IncubatED program showcases incubator and/or early-stage healthcare products in the emergency department.

"What I have often witnessed in the emergency department is a couple with a small child who has a laceration that is bleeding," Dr. Moustafa said. "The child is upset, the parents are upset, but because it’s not life-threatening, staff do not consider it a high priority. This results in frustration for all involved. I designed WoundZipper® to offer an instant solution.”

"WoundZipper® makes the process of treating and healing a wound fast and effective and increases medical provider efficiency,” Moustafa said. "The magnets are pre-aligned as part of the package unit. This provides instant wound approximation since the magnets are immediately attracted to each other as soon as the removable layer is taken away.”

The intellectual property associated with WoundZipper® is available for licensing. Visit www.woundzipper.com or watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ttyFIp6wbg

Note: November 8, 2016, the U.S. Patent Office granted United States Patent No. 9,486,217 and on July 4, 2017, Patent No. 9,693,776 B1 for the WoundZipper®.

The WoundZipper has not been cleared for commercialization in the United States.